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August 5, 2013
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Creepypasta: Picture by MyHiddenCove Creepypasta: Picture by MyHiddenCove

Slenderman just wanted a nice...simple picture...
Panel one:
Slenderman: Jeff? Must you torment Shy Girl while we are trying to get a picture?
Jeff: HAHA Yes!
Shy Girl: !!!
Masky: *sigh*
BEN: *laughing*
Jack: *wants this to be over with*
Panel two:
Splendorman: OH HAIII! Huh? OOOOOOH you're taking pictures!!
Ms. P: Hmm? What's going on over here?
Jeff, Shy Girl, BEN, Jack: ???
Slenderman: Splendor! Get out of the shot!
Masky: *deeper sigh*
Panel three:
Splendorman: Hmph! Jeff, it's not nice to pick on Shy Girl!
Jeff: So what?!
Slenderman: It's alright Masky, we can take the picture now.
Jack: *backing away from Ms. P and Pocket Eve
Hoodie: *comfort*
Masky: *sigh*
Pocket Eve: ???
Ms. P: What? Masky? He doesn't like cameras.
BEN: *awkward*
Panel four:
Trenderman: What are you doing with my camera?
Jane: Ewww, Jeremy get that out of my face!
Everyone else: ??Uhhhh??
Panel five:
Trenderman: Oh heck no, Splendy. That suit again? Didn't I JUST throw that out?
Splendorman: ehehehe....
Trenderman: Jane, keep your claws to yourself.
Jane and Jeff: *glaring at each other*
Smile: *holding Jeff back*
Slenderman: Jeff! Jane! If you two can't behave like proper killers, than it's off to your rooms. With no supper.
Creature: HEY JEREMY WHAT'S THIS THING HERE *taps on the camera*
Seedeater: What isss all thisss noisse?
Panel six:
Rake: What the fuck is going on here?
BOB: OOOOH SHINEY!!! *licks camera*
Creature: *looks at BOB about to cry* h-he licked it....
Slenderman: BOB! Get away from the camera!!
Panel seven:
Jeremy: *gets tired of waiting and turns the camera, taking a selfie*

All the pasta's:
Rake, BOB, Jeff, Hoodie, Masky, Shy Girl, Splendorman, Jack, Pocket Eve, Ben, Jeremy, Ms. P, Grinny, Slenderman, Jane, Trenderman, Creature, and Seedeater.

Jeremy was going to take the picture of the pasta's (since he usually gets too close to the camera with his creepy smile anyways). But eventually he got fed up and took a selfie. haha.

All pasta's belong to their original owners! Everything was drawn one at a time, and I forgot Splendor's spots. Whoops. He had a costume change I suppose. XD



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